Page Design – Newspaper

The Rotunda-

This is a collection of pages I designed as the Lead Layout Editor of Longwood University’s student newspaper The Rotunda.

Designed front page for the February 8th, issue of The Rotunda, the student newspaper of Longwood University. I created the timeline for Black History month, highlighting special events around campus. Also included was an edited map I created that specified high risk areas on campus.


This was a special edition of the newspaper. The issue was a spotlight on one of the biggest events at Longwood each year. A creative cover was expected and I wanted to utilize the use of color and font.


This page of the newspaper was devoted to the Oscars. As you can see, in the Arts&Entertainment section, it’s important to incorporate many photos and clever text layout. I came up with the Oscar page design, I had created several layers to incorporate a 3 dimensional look, using text and image overlay.

For more please click the following links:

1 FRONT PAGE big south

1 FRONT PAGE world



9 A&E


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