General Design


This is a collection of various design projects I completed in school.

The purpose of this project was to create a magazine cover for the selected topic. We were provided several photo images to choose from for the cover. All the copy and title on the page were to be provided by ourselves. I design the whole page, carefully editing the mascot on the front cover using various Photoshop tools. Using the layers I was able the lay colors and images on top of each other.

This project required me to create a logo for an art show exhibition brochure. I was to incorporate the theme of the show that was the Face of America, photos from the Farmer Security Administration. I created this image in Photoshop, utilizing the name of the exhibition and small windmill to represent the farmers. I created the windmill myself using various Photoshop tools.

This was a flyer for an upcoming career panel for Longwood University’s Communication Studies Department. Names of the panelists and dates and times were required items. I designed the faded text background as well and chose the font faces and overall layout. The Communication Department selected me to complete this project among all other majors.

This project required me to create a brochure for an art exhibition. This was the final page of the brochure where we included a mail order form. The whole brochure was 18 pages, which included photos and text on the exhibit. Using InDesign, I was able to create the color coded table, and informational table. I was given the dimensions of the template and from my own design, completed the layout.


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